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When considering the sale of our home coupled with the purchase of another, without hesitation, we immediately reached out to our trusted friend and neighbor, Jake Fahnhorst as we were immensely excited and thrilled to expand our circle of trust with Jake, the real estate professional. This selection of the Jake Fahnhorst Real Estate team was a "Slam Dunk" in the truest sense! With careful observation of his real estate career, we witnessed his professional commitment to his clients and couldn't have been more fortunate to have the access to his real estate knowledge, insight and services.  Seriously, it's impossible to describe our experience in just a sentence or two. In my opinion, that wouldn't be fair to Jake or to a potential client that might be reading this review. As you'll read, it's impossible to point out just one or two things that describe Jake's dedication. EVERYTHING that was done throughout the process was ON POINT, TIMELY, EFFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL, ACCURATE and in our opinion, an industry BEST!  As though the process was shot out of a cannon, within 36 hours of our "Sale" discussion with Jake our home was staged, photo shoot and video's completed and our home was listed approximately 48 hours later. Yes, this time seemed to be measured in nanoseconds as it was literally a blur to us. However, we realize that Jake was working tirelessly behind the scenes to pull this together in record time as the flow seemed effortless much like a symphony conductor (Jake) leading a flawless performance by a world class orchestra. Much like the calmness during a storm, Jake relied upon his array of amazing attributes coupled with his timely communication to ensure that we were always informed and up to date on all scenarios. Particularly at the crucial vectors during the entire process. We, as clients NEVER experienced that "I wonder what's going on now" or "what do we do next syndrome". Jake's market knowledge coupled with his community knowledge proved to be vital as he flawlessly guided us throughout the sale/ buy process with every step of the way seemed to feature an exclusive "WOW" moment.    If you value honesty, integrity, sincerity, respect, appreciation, determination, flexibility, diligence, responsiveness, compassion, empathy, attentiveness and an agent that truly listens, then contact Jake and experience first hand what it means to experience that exclusive Jake Fahnhorst Real Estate "White Glove Treatment"!






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925.784. 2758

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